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I like to wait until a product or service is released and I’ve had a chance to bang on it. But the announcement of Google’s Chrome OS (Operating System) is causing me to bend my rules. It’s the concept behind Chrome OS that has me intrigued.

What’s in Word?

Not too long ago, I was lecturing a group of college students about adapting writing styles for different media. The discussion morphed into whether the writing instrument had an additional effect. I write differently when using pen and paper or a typewriter or which word processor I use.  I tried to [...]

Sometimes You Just Want a Phone

Just a phone

Hi, I’m Stephen and I’m an infohollic. I started a chapter of BA – Blackberry Anonymous. The Treo makes me twitch. I had a severe case of QDS – Quick Draw Syndrome, the pain caused by reaching for your hip and whipping the phone to your [...]

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