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Warming Trend

Taken in New Philadelphia, PA by steve425 on Feb 10, 2010

The snow situation in Brooklyn isn’t as bad as DC, Baltimore or Philadelphia but it’s cold, windy and the weather people are gleefully warning of blizzard conditions. Though I grew up in the Midwest and took snow storms for granted, things have changed. I don’t care for the cold anymore. Perhaps it is just getting older or maybe my tolerance got baked out while living in equatorial Africa.

I was, thus, surprised when I got a note from the Sanyo people touting their SANYO eneloop kairo portable hand-warming devices. The two units were introduced to the US back in November but all this freaky weather seemed a good time to reintroduce them.. The units are rechargeable and one model uses rechargeable AA’s so the batteries can power other devices once the hand warmer if fully charged. Share the power.

The selling point is that these are better for the environment than some of the current crop of disposable hand warmers. Sanyo contends that being able to recharge the Lithium-ion battery up to 500 times is better than tossing that many regular batteries into a landfill. That point might be argued by some manufacturers who claim that their products are non-toxic and can be disposed of without harm to the planet. The marketplace will make the final decision about which approach is best but since the Sanyo products are new, that’s why I’m featuring them.

Sanyo Two-Sided Hand Warmer

The smaller unit is powered with the AA’s and warms on both sides. It retails for about $45 at theSanyo Store but some on-line stores sell it for about $10 less. It will generate heat for about 3 hours in continuous use. Recharge time is 4 to 5 hours. The case is brushed aluminum in silver or hot pink. The larger unit, which heats only one side, is egg shaped but the battery is internal. Once the maximum recharge limit is reached the unit can be sent back to a recycling center. It comes in white and pale pink.

One-sided Sanyo kairo

With one of the groundhogs predicting another six weeks of winter and all those folks heading for Vancouver for the winter Olympics,  hand warmers seem like a cool idea.

CORRECTIONS: According to a Sanyo spokesperson, the AA’s can be recharged 1000 times not 500. Also, While the AA’s can be used in other devices it cann’t be done Simultaneously. If the Sanyo device is not in use, the batteries can power other devices.

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