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Sometimes You Just Want a Phone

Just a phone

Hi, I’m Stephen and I’m an infohollic. I started a chapter of BA – Blackberry Anonymous. The Treo makes me twitch. I had a severe case of QDS – Quick Draw Syndrome, the pain caused by reaching for your hip and whipping the phone to your ear. The Mobile is now the shortest measure of time. It’s the interval between the first ring and you saying “Hello?”

I recognize the contradictory nature of my job. I’m like a bar owner who has to make sure that he and his staff are up to date on all the latest fad drinks but dare not  take a sip himself.  Ok, I stretched that analogy too far but I do see the weird behavior that too much information has caused.  I’m in a sports bar near the St. Louis airport. There are a gazillion screens showing every sporting event know to man. More than half the patrons have a Smartph.one out and I observed these behaviors. One guy was texting or IMing his son about the local college team. The dad was traveling and this was his way of staying connected and sharing an experience with his son while he was on the road.

Two guys were arguing about the merits of a quarterback. “I can prove it,” shouted one of the participants. He had some iPhone App that compared QB statistics. It seemed like one of those discussions where facts would have  no part. Fortunately, one of their friends reminded one of the combatants that it was his turn to buy the beer.

While I have deliberately avoided getting my own Smartphone, I did sign up for notifications from several airlines to keep me up to date about flight delays. There was a snowstorm blowing toward me and I got a dozen robo-calls telling me of either a delay, gate change or in one case a switch to an earlier flight. I’m glad I did get the alert or I would have missed a chance to get home early. It also saved me from having to buy a round.

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