Dragon Makeover: version 13

I’ve always found it difficult to review a new version of a piece of software that has a long history. Most of the changes take place behind the scenes. Unless you can do a […]

I Can’t Hear You Now!

I took a technological sabbatical. After way too many years of being mired in the quicksand of tech innovation, I pulled myself out and mentally sat on the beach drinking Mojitos. 

It’snot that I got […]

Cleanup, Defrag, Reformat

The title represents things that all Windows users should do periodically but it is about some lingering items that I haven’t written about. The title sounds a like more interesting than “Spring Cleaning.”

First the […]

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Out On The Edge

I’ve been to product announcements in a lot of strange and bizarre venues — a biker bar, a blimp, and even inside the Brooklyn Bridge. But the announcement of Lenovo’s two new ThinkPad Edge […]


I occasionally break my rule against eating and drinking near the computer. The lure of munching Crunchy Cheetos while getting my daily dose of international news from BBC America becomes overwhelming. Adding to normal […]

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