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The Zombie Phone Saga: Episode Two

Previously on Zombie Phone…

Our hero (me) returns home semi-triumphantly after having my iPhone reset and cleansed of the dreaded Zombie Phone Effect – known in Apple speak as the black screen. All I need […]

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I know that we’re a country that thrives on instant gratification. I count myself among the afflicted. I find it difficult to wait any longer than is necessary. Necessity is a fluid thing. I […]

Earbud Blues

I hate ear buds. I can’t find the ones that work best for me. It’s become my search for the Holy Grail. It’s difficult to find a pair that lasts. It only took six […]

Cleanup, Defrag, Reformat

The title represents things that all Windows users should do periodically but it is about some lingering items that I haven’t written about. The title sounds a like more interesting than “Spring Cleaning.”

First the […]

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