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Haiti’s Future — Digitally

After several adult beverages and a Farscape marathon, I finally got the cognitive functions of my brain from cowering in the corner, overwhelmed by the images from Haiti. As a journalist, I’ve seen my […]

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Hello Kitty Power!

One of the reasons, I spend most of my time walking the back walls of major trade shows like CES is the hidden gems found there. Startups or international suppliers can’t afford the mega-booths […]

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E-Reader Evolution

ebook readers are flying off the shelves faster than Number  Five can  get input. I’m writing about the products I saw at CES but they are based on demos and not my having actually tested […]

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Ask Cella: Etiquette in the Digital Age


I was talking to my friend Tiffi on my phone. I was riding on a bus, ya know the one with the cute doggie on the outside, when the driver kept interrupting me […]

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Reverse Racial Profiling? It’s just Funny

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Shiny Chrome

I like to wait until a product or service is released and I've had a chance to bang on it. But the announcement of Google's Chrome OS (Operating System) is causing me to bend my rules. It's the concept behind Chrome OS that has me intrigued.
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What’s in Word?

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Sometimes You Just Want a Phone

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