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Heads Up

I don’t text very much. I’m a fast touch typist but I never mastered thumbing the virtual keyboard on a smart phone. And with my vision fading, I don’t spend a lot of time […]

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Blink, Then Move on

There are often subtle changes in software that really aren’t all that important in the bigger context. But they are momentarily frustrating or amusing. When I run across these, I’ll do a little post […]

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Earbud Blues

I hate ear buds. I can’t find the ones that work best for me. It’s become my search for the Holy Grail. It’s difficult to find a pair that lasts. It only took six […]

Stitcher Radio Changes Frequencies

It’s hard to convey how much I depend on Stitcher Radio. I’m a huge consumer of news and Stitcher radio is my information supermarket. There were of course my regular shopping list, US news, […]

Demo Dilemma


The very first Meetup I attended was the NYC Mobile Forum organized by Amanda Moskowitz. She has consistently found interesting new app developers who come to demo their products. In the beginning I attended […]

Siri: seriously

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A Vision of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Losing Sight But Gaining Perspective

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Technology Road Trip Blues

I haven’t been traveling as much over the past couple of years. For the past 30 years or so I have been globetrotting. It was a dream come true for a poor kid from Indianapolis. […]

I Can’t Hear You Now!

I took a technological sabbatical. After way too many years of being mired in the quicksand of tech innovation, I pulled myself out and mentally sat on the beach drinking Mojitos. 

It’snot that I got […]