• Shameless Plug

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    This is the video of the presentation that I made at last summer’s WordCamp NYC 2014. I’m working on getting transcripts and a captioned version of the video. They will be posted when available. video […]

  • Dragon Makeover: version 13


    I’ve always found it difficult to review a new version of a piece of software that has a long history. Most of the changes take place behind the scenes. Unless you can do a side-by-side […]

  • The Zombie Phone Saga: Episode Two

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    Previously on Zombie Phone… Our hero (me) returns home semi-triumphantly after having my iPhone reset and cleansed of the dreaded Zombie Phone Effect – known in Apple speak as the black screen. All I need […]

  •      The Zombie Phone Saga

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    Longtime Windows users were always terrified of the “Blue Screen of Death”. It meant that the operating system failed to load and everything was lost. If you are lucky, or paranoid enough, to have a […]

Welcome back to The Future Was Yesterday. I’m refocusing the mission of this blog. While we will continue to cover tech news and new products, we’ll also be focusing on how technology affects society for good or ill. I’ve become involved in how technology aids in accessibility for those who need assistance with physical and cognitive challenges.

What will make this blog different is that I’ve not only spent 30 years covering technology, but I also had to make it work for reporters stationed in the mountains of Afghanistan and in rural areas in Zimbabwe.Learn More